This study aims to determine whether or not it is effective in implementing the learning design, the final assessment in SDN KARANG TENGAH 06. Implementation is a carefully structured and detailed implementation. In simple terms, the implementation of learning can be interpreted as the implementation or application of learning in general. Summative assessment is an assessment activity that produces a value or number which is then used as a decision on student performance. This assessment activity is carried out when the learning experience unit or the entire subject matter has been completed. Diffusion is the process by which new ideas / ideas are communicated to members of the social system, innovation is an idea, practice, or product that is considered new by an individual or group. In implementing instructional designs at this time, it is very different from the previous year, where there was no Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the central government and teachers made innovations for the current education. It is nothing new to do online learning or E-Learning.