Menganalisis Proses Penilaian Belajar Siswa di SDN Gondrong 3

  • Ina Magdalena Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang
  • Dini Utami Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang
  • Dewi Isnania Pratiwi Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang
  • Lia Delia Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang


This study aims to analyze the student production process at SDN Gondrong 3. This research is a qualitative research. The subject involved in this study was a grade 1 primary school teacher. The data required for this study were collected by interview. . The results showed that the student learning process was seen from various aspects, namely the aspects of attitudes, Knowledges, and skills. For that knowledge is taken from the value of daily tests, exercises and tests carried out, the attitude is direct. For skills, namely by practice, such as or group discussions. And to determine attitudes and behaviors that should not be ignored. Whatever type of learning outcome tool to be developed must adhere to the principles, namely first, production tools based on TIU and ICT. In addition, there are at least three main requirements that must meet the needs of a good item, namely validity, reliability, and practicality of use.

Keywords: Attitude, Knowledge, Skills, Practical Use
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Magdalena, I., Utami, D., Pratiwi, D. I., & Delia, L. (2020). Menganalisis Proses Penilaian Belajar Siswa di SDN Gondrong 3. PANDAWA, 2(3), 477-486. Retrieved from

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