Pelatihan Menulis bagi Siswa-Siswi SMA Tunas Daud Mataram

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Zul Haeri1, Ilmal Yaqien2

1 Universitas Teknologi Mataram, 2 Universitas Teknologi Mataram


The problem of education which always demands development towards better schools, has given rise to the category of schools whose learning systems are more focused on quantity than quality. The learning process and evaluation system are still partial to the goals of national education. Reading and writing are not important for students, because they are presented with the ease of copy-pasting technology. Students are faced with laziness and leave literacy slowly. This service activity focuses on literacy training (writing and reading) which provides solutions for schools to develop literacy habits that produce a work.

Training, Writing, Reading

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Haeri, Z., & Yaqien, I. (2021). Pelatihan Menulis bagi Siswa-Siswi SMA Tunas Daud Mataram. ALKHIDMAD, 5(2), 111-122.