This study aims to determine the increase in learning outcomes of Islamic Religious Education through the application of the Accelerated Learning Learning model. This Classroom Action Research was conducted in stages of 2 cycles with the research subjects being class VII.D students of SMP Negeri 1 Sakra Barat, East Lombok Regency, for the academic year 2022/2023, totaling 30 students and consisting of 17 male students and 13 female students. The results showed that student achievement both in terms of classical student learning completeness, namely in cycle I was 73%, it could increase to 97% in cycle II and in terms of the average value of the evaluation results of 71 in cycle II of 80, this meant that there was an increase by 10%. The results of this classroom action research also showed an increase in the level of student learning activity from 3 quite active categories in cycle I to 3.6 active categories, active categories in cycle II to 4.1 very active categories.