Peranan Dakwah Syekh Ahmad At Tijany dalam Tarekat Tijaniyah

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Iwan Gunawan1, Ahmad Junaedi Sitika2

1 Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang, 2 Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang


Tarekat is a path or instruction in carrying out a worship service in accordance with the teachings brought by the Messenger of Allah pbuh and exemplified by him, the companions, Tabii and Tabi Tabiin. Through the teachings preached by Sheikh Ahmad At-Tijany about the process of tabiyah ruhiah (ruhani education) can be seen as an attempt to achieve the position of warasat al-anbiya (heir of the prophets) and become a kamil mukamil person. The appearance of a Sufi in society is another form of obedience to Allah and His messenger. The purpose of this study is to find out how the role of the teachings of the Tijaniyah Order on the morals of pilgrims and the extent of their role in the daily life of pilgrims. The method used by researchers in this research is included in the type of qualitative research with descriptive methods. In data collection, it is carried out by means of observation, interviews and documentation, after which an analysis of the data obtained is carried out. And the results of this study, it can be concluded that the teachings of the Tijaniyah Order have a very important role in the morals of its worshippers by using the wirid lazimah, wazifah and hailalah methods. This can be seen from the change in the attitude or morals of pilgrims who are more obedient to the teachings of Islam, have more motivation in worship, have good social relations, manage time for daily life in accordance with the teachings of Sheikh Ahmad At-Tijany such as practicing wirid, worship on time and good interaction by prioritizing akhlakulkarimah, and reading the Quran.

The Role of Sheikh Ahmad At-Tijany's Da'wah, The Zikir of the Tijaniyah Order

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Gunawan, I., & Sitika, A. J. (2022). Peranan Dakwah Syekh Ahmad At Tijany dalam Tarekat Tijaniyah. ALKHIDMAD, 6(2), 112-124.