Pandemi Covid-19 di Kota Pekanbaru dan Dampaknya pada KDRT, Sosial serta Ekonomi

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Hellen Last Fitriani1, Nurhadi Nurhadi2*

1 UIN Suska Pekanbaru, 2 Kopertais XII Riau Kepri


The family is the smallest social organization. The prosperity of the community can be determined by the condition of all family components in an area or city. Family welfare can be supported by conducive family social conditions, adequate socioeconomic conditions. The existence of Covid-19 brings its own impact, then what is the impact in the social sphere? This research is empirical qualitative and normative qualitative as well as monomonology. This research is a field research with the data sources are observation and documentation, while the approach and data analysis with qualitative descriptive methods. As a result, the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world has had a negative impact on various sectors of the social life of the community, state, nation and religion. Especially in Pekanbaru City, the impact of Covid-19 at least destroys the universal social order. According to case data from the Office of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection during COVID-19, domestic violence has greatly increased, either directly or indirectly. However, the general impact of COVID-19 is that it destroys social, economic and family conditions, so that it has an impact on the social, economic and social aspects of the family.

Covid-19 Pandemic, Impact, Domestic Violence, Social, Economic

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Fitriani, H. L., & Nurhadi, N. (2022). Pandemi Covid-19 di Kota Pekanbaru dan Dampaknya pada KDRT, Sosial serta Ekonomi. ALKHIDMAD, 6(1), 45-69.