Mediator dan Peranannya dalam Resolusi Konflik

  • Lalu Moh. Fahri Universitas Negeri Islam Mataram


Humans basically cannot avoid various conflicts from several aspects of life. One of the essences of human life and development is conflict. The differences that exist and occur in the needs of the dominant aspects in achieving and becoming goals in this life will can give rise to a dispute which is a conflict. The occurrence of this conflict is caused by differences in daily life, including differences in gender, social and economic strata, ideology, beliefs, legal systems, ethnicity, religion, culture, political flow, and so on. As long as there are differences, then a conflict cannot be avoided from social life. However, conflict does not mean it cannot be resolved. Conflict resolution is one solution, referring to the book A Glossary of terms and concepts in peace and conflict studies by Christopher E Miller as an approach, conflict resolution is a step or process in resolving conflicts with a constructive problem solving system. In this regard, there is a need to understand and describe its Definition, History, and Characteristics. In addition, conflict resolution can also be interpreted as an effort to achieve conflict outcomes by using conflict resolution methods. The main purpose of conflict resolution is to achieve peace. In this case, the mediators will be very helpful and provide a meaning in participating in the settlement and achievement of a peace in conflict.

Keywords: Mediator, Conflict Resolution
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