Pengunaan Media dalam Pembelajaran PKn SD

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Saodah Saodah
Annisa Ratu Pratiwi
Sekar Ayu Pratiwi
Siti Halimah


Learning is a complex process that occurs in every person throughout his life. The learning process occurs because of the interaction between a person and his environment. Therefore, learning can occur anytime and anywhere. One sign that a person has learned is that there is a change in behavior in that person that might be caused by a change in the level of knowledge, skill, or attitude.

Media Use, Learning PKn

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Saodah, S., Pratiwi, A. R., Pratiwi, S. A., & Halimah, S. (2020). Pengunaan Media dalam Pembelajaran PKn SD. PANDAWA, 2(3), 386-395.

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