Pengaruh Globalisasi terhadap Siswa Sekolah Dasar

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Saodah Saodah

Qonita Amini

Khofifah Rizkyah

Siti Nuralviah

Nurvia Urfany


Globalization has influenced almost all aspect of life, both positive and negative influences. The generation that is most easily influenced is the foremost generation. Teacher is educator that direct interaction to student’s behavior. According to character values of Indonesia. Globalization era has effect to student’s behavior such as the student’s like online games than studying. There are increasing delinquency of children and the student decrease have character according to Indonesia culture. The teachers must able to supply and forceful the characters of students until they are not eash influence global effect.

The Effect of Globalization, Elementary School Students


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Saodah, S., Amini, Q., Rizkyah, K., Nuralviah, S., & Urfany, N. (2020). Pengaruh Globalisasi terhadap Siswa Sekolah Dasar. PANDAWA, 2(3), 375-385.

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