Analisis Materi Sejarah Kebudayaan Islam pada Buku Teks Siswa Madrasah Tsanawiyah Kelas VII Kurikulum 2013

  • Muhamamd Faza Alhafidzh Universitas Muhamamdiyah Malang


Student textbooks are books that students hold in learning in class. Textbooks are an important part that plays a role in helping students and teachers to achieve learning goals. Textbooks have a very important role in realizing learning objectives. Therefore textbooks need to be analyzed in order to know the feasibility of the contents of the material in the textbook. With the analysis of the material history of Islamic culture, it will be able to provide new knowledge for prospective teachers or teachers in learning efforts and become a reference for conveying learning material to students. The objectives of this study are 1) to find out the structure of Islamic History of Madrasah Tasanawiyah Class VII Student Book Structure 2013 Curriculum of the Ministry of Religion in 2014, 2) to find out the results of the contents of the student books of Islamic Cultural History of Tasanawiyah Madrasah Class VII Student Booklet 2013 2014, 3) to determine the suitability of the material with the development of age, psychologists and the maturity of students' minds. This type of research is to use library research methods (Library Research). Research systematically identifies written materials and documents that contain information relevant to the theme of the research discussion, so that this will make it easier for writers to collect data and process research results. The results of this study indicate that the contents of the SKI material in the text books published by the Ministry of Religion as a whole are in accordance with the existing curriculum (in accordance with Core Competencies and Basic Competencies). In addition, the discussion flow for each chapter has also been arranged systematically and the material in the book is also in accordance with the development of age, psychology, and the maturity of the students' minds so that this material is appropriate for use in the learning process.

Keywords: Text Books, Materials, History of Islamic Culture
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