Peran Guru dalam Mengembangkan Bakat Siswa

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Ina Magdalena

Julya Fatharani

Salsa Adinda Oktavia

Qonita Amini


The purpose of this study is to find out how important the interests and talents of students are. This study uses a qualitative approach, then the instruments used are observation, interviews, documentation, and questionnaires. The results of the study stated that the teacher must guide students in order to find and develop their talents. The teacher's role in developing talent is attention, collaboration between parents and teacher, learning or training, maintaining the stability of motivation, providing reinforcement, and extracurricular activities. Not everyone can classify their interests and talents in one area, because not all interests will become talents.

Interest, Talent, Responsible


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Magdalena, I., Fatharani, J., Oktavia, S. A., & Amini, Q. (2020). Peran Guru dalam Mengembangkan Bakat Siswa. PANDAWA, 2(1), 61-69.

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