Implementasi Pembelajaran Tematik Sesuai Kurikulum 2013 di SDN Sukasari II Rajeg

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Ina Magdalena

Faizaria Cahya Tri Ramdani

Maya Cintya Anggraini


Learning is a process of interaction between students and educators, which includes learning materials, delivery methods, learning strategies, appropriate media and learning resources in a learning environment. then along with the times at this time, government institutions which require educators to use the 2013 curriculum as a teaching and learning guide in school. In this curriculum, the learning is centered on thematic learning that combines one subject with another subject that is related to each other's material. In the 2013 curriculum the learning process pays close attention to the thinking level of students who still see something that is an integral part. With this, the researcher conducted an interview method with one of the class teachers at SDN SUKASARI II who is domiciled in Tangerang Regency, Rajeg. The results of the interview show that SDN Sukasari II has used the 201 curriculum. As the implementation of learning with the 2013 curriculum users, all teachers at SDN SUKASARI II think it is ideal and in accordance with the learning objectives to be achieved.This research uses qualitative research using the interview method as a data collection technique. Interviews were conducted offline by visiting the resource person, as a Class Teacher at SDN Sukasari II.

Learning, Thematic, 2013 Curriculum


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Magdalena, I., Ramdani, F. C. T., & Anggraini, M. C. (2021). Implementasi Pembelajaran Tematik Sesuai Kurikulum 2013 di SDN Sukasari II Rajeg. PANDAWA, 3(1), 141-157.

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