Kartun sebagai Media Kritik Sosial

  • Firdaus Azwar Ersyad Universitas Semarang


Cartoons are a means of entertainment for a group. Apart from having a side of entertainment such as jokes and humor, cartoons can be used as images that have a function as symbolic representations full of criticism. This study aims to find social criticism contained in the cartoon by Jitet Koestana. The theory used in this research is Roland Barthes' theory of Semiotics, namely interpreting objects with denotation, connotation, and myths contained in the signs in the cartoon by Jitet Koestana. The form and strategy used by the researcher is a qualitative research method with a descriptive approach through trying to understand and describe the phenomena that occur in research subjects to uncover any problems that may arise from the research subject. The sampling technique in this research is a case study technique. Based on the research that has been carried out, the researcher draws the conclusion that the messages of social criticism found are the lives of the younger generation in today's society who have been dependent on increasingly sophisticated technology, the impact of the younger generation will tend to be addicted to all the ease and speed of technology

Keywords: Cartoon, Social Critisim, Massage
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