The low creative thinking skills of students with conventional learning models. The research was conducted to determine the improvement of students' creative thinking skills. Especially in grade 5 elementary school students. The purpose of this study was to improve students' creative thinking skills. The model used is the PAIKEM model. PAIKEM is a learning approach which means Active, Innovative, Creative, Effective and Fun Learning. The application of the PAIKEM approach is expected to be able to overcome the problems experienced by teachers and students in learning and make the learning carried out more meaningful for students. Data collection techniques were carried out through interviews, documentation, and observation. The research instrument consists of an assessment rubric and the development of creative thinking skills using the PAIKEM model. The results showed an increase in students' creative thinking skills using the PAIKEM model. This is evidenced by the average percentage obtained by students from the pre-cycle stage with a percentage of 28.6% in the very creative category, in the first cycle it increased to 33.3% in the very creative category and in the second cycle increased to 61.9%. Thus, the application of the PAIKEM model is very helpful for students in improving creative thinking skills in casting new ideas.