Phenomenonology is a philosophical movement popularized by Edmund husserl. As we know Husserl is a philosopher who has an idea of phenomenonology. In this case the author writes about the phenomenonology, hussrl biographies, Husserl's works, Husserl's thoughts and educational values that can be quoted in Husserl Phenomenology. The research method used is libry reseach research which is research conducted by collecting tada derived from books that are used as data sources. Phenomenonology was a philosophical movement popularized by Edmund Husserl in 1857-1938. Phenoomology is one of the philosophies called radical philosophy, because the study of the subject of phenomenonology tries to refute the assumptions that contaminate concrete confectionery in humans.  Works by Husserl among them Logische Untersucgsuhugen,iden Zuenier rainen "phanomenologie und phanomenologischen"philisophi, Meditations cartesiennes. Edmund Husserl's thoughts, Husserl's Padangan on Epoche, Husserl's view of naturalistic psychology, Husserl's view of phenomenon, Husserl's view of Phenomenology as teaching. The values of Education in Edmund Husserl's thinking include Interpersonal comunecation, Critical thinking, Daring to do something that challenges a teacher must master his scientific field.