This article is entitled “Preserving traditional arts through dakon games to improve the character of elementary school children.” In order to preserve a traditional art, it must form a character in developing existing values. Such as the establishment of an art studio, or a performance that is held in the neighborhood. Can provide a lesson in education, there are good things to shape children’s character. Dakon game which is now almost extinct because almost no one is playing it, because of this very modern technology. Many forget the dakon game, in a character formation for children to learn while playing is a principle of education, from this dakon game, we can form good children’s character. By providing knowledge about dakon games, children will understand what the symbols and meanings of a dakon game are, not just objects that are played but there are many meanings in the dakon game. Introducing the dakon game to children will not make a loss, because it can actually rebuild this traditional game while learning