Smiley faceIslamika:  Jurnal Keislaman dan Ilmu Pendidikan  (p-ISSN2656-5382 and e-ISSN2656-0224) has been published in Vol. 3 No. 1, Januari 2021. Our hope with the publication of this journal can help readers to provide insight, ideas, references, in the development educational innovations. Islamika journal has been indexed by  GarudaCrossrefGoogle ScholarMoraref, Base, and WikiData.

Smiley faceIslamika Journal is an interdisciplinary publication of original research and writing on islamic studies and education . This journal was published by Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) STIT Palapa Nusantara Lombok - NTB which was published twice in a year, January and July with a minimum of 5 articles. The journal aims to provide a forum for scholarly understanding of the field of education and plays an important role in promoting the process that accumulated knowledge, values, and skills. Scientific manuscript dealing with Islamic studies and education science topics are particularly welcome to be submitted. The journal encompasses research articles, original research report, and scientific reviews in education in any fields including:

    1. Education, which includes materials, curriculums, methods, strategies, media, design, psychology, and evaluation;
    2. Learning content of Islamic Education includes learning of al-Qur'an Hadith, Akidah Akhlak, Fiqh, and History of Islamic Culture;
    3. Science integration in learning of Islamic Education.

Editorial Team invites academics, lecturers and researchers to contribute according to the scope above. Articles can be submitted online, by registering as a author (Online Submissions). Every article that goes to the editorial staff will be selected through Peer Review Processes. This journal is an open access journal which means that all freely available content is used. Users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or cite to the full text of the article, or use it for other legitimate purposes, without asking permission from the publisher or author.


Vol 3 No 1 (2021): JANUARI

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Implementasi Kurikulum 2013 di Sekolah Indonesia Deen Haag Belanda dan Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Husni Mubarok
Indun Rohmaedah
Anni Qurrotul Aini
Wahyu Aditya Rahmawati
Sinta Mahanani
Riska Yustiani


DOI : Abstract views: 248 , Download PDF : 188

Penerapan Pendidikan Jarak Jauh (PJJ) Dimasa Pandemi Covid-19 pada SIDH Belanda dan SIKL Malaysia

Husni Mubarok
Yasinta Indra Swastika
Ayu Ainun
Siti Umi Hamdanah
Putri Diana Lestari
Muhammad Alif Saifuddin


DOI : Abstract views: 271 , Download PDF : 416

Paradigma Pembelajaran dan Motivasi Belajar Siswa

Miftahussaadah Miftahussaadah
Subiyantoro Subiyantoro


DOI : Abstract views: 162 , Download PDF : 192
DOI : Abstract views: 188 , Download PDF : 129

Peran Teknologi Pendidikan dalam Pembelajaran

Niar Agustian
Unik Hanifah Salsabila


DOI : Abstract views: 197 , Download PDF : 164
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