Pengetahuan Awal (Prior Knowledge) : Konsep dan Implikasi dalam Pembelajaran

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Muhammad Idris Hasanuddin


Learning is a concept related to learning and teaching. Teaching is an effort to achieve learning objectives that are pursued by the teacher through a series of lessons given to students. As for learning according to behaviorism theory is a change in behavior that arises from stimuli and responses. According to cognitive theory, learning is a change in mental structure (cognitive) in which learning is a combination of prior knowledge and what is currently learned to build new knowledge. According to the constructivism view, learning is a construction of meaning about something that is learned, so that the task of educators is to facilitate students to construct their knowledge or learning experiences. The failure to achieve the learning objectives is one of the main problems that teachers often face, even though the teacher thinks that they have made maximum efforts for learning. So that it can be stated that the success of learning is not only influenced by teacher factors but also the complexity of various factors in learning, one of which is the prior knowledge of students. Prior knowledge itself is a collection or combination of knowledge, experiences, attitudes, and even beliefs that an individual has acquired from experiences throughout his life. This knowledge is used to construct new knowledge and experiences. In learning, students' prior knowledge has a significant role. As an implication, educators need to understand and accommodate it in the right form of learning design. Prior knowledge is important because it makes learning easier for students. In addition, for teachers, students' prior knowledge becomes the basis for preparing materials, strategies and learning designs that make time efficiency in learning. But before that, the teacher must make an effort to identify and activate the students' prior knowledge so that it is used as an entry point in the learning design. Students' prior knowledge can also be used as a parameter of learning difficulties

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