Pentingnya Evaluasi dalam Pembelajaran dan Akibat Memanipulasinya

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Ina Magdalena

Hadana Nur Fauzi

Raafiza Putri


Evaluation includes measuring and assessing. The process of evaluating the process of student growth in the teaching and learning process. Each student has abilities that vary from fast, medium and slow. Before doing things that need to be considered are evaluation, evaluation, and evaluation. However, now teachers pay less attention to this matter and many teachers manipulate student grades. The consequences of manipulating grades will be bad for students.

Value, Evaluation, Manipulation


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Magdalena, I., Fauzi, H. N., & Putri, R. (2020). Pentingnya Evaluasi dalam Pembelajaran dan Akibat Memanipulasinya. BINTANG, 2(2), 244-257.

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