Transformasi Teori Kognitivisme dalam Belajar dan Pembelajaran

  • Nurhadi Nurhadi STAI Al-Azhar Pekanbaru


Learning theory is a theory that must be able to connect between the things that are now and how to produce it. Learning theory is a theory that explains exactly what happened, but learning theory 'only' guides what must be done to produce it. Cognitivism definition is cognitive learning theory is a learning theory that is more concerned with the learning process than the results of learning. The figures of Cognitivism are Jean Piaget, Jarome Bruner, Ausebel and Robert M. Gagne. Application of Cognitivism Theory in Learning Activities. The essence of learning according to cognitive theory is explained as a learning activity related to information structuring, perceptual reorganization, and internal processes. Freedom and active involvement of students in the learning process are very calculated, so that learning is more meaningful for students. Strengths and Weaknesses of Cognitivism Theory. The advantages are: making students more creative and independent; help students understand learning materials more easily. The disadvantages are: the theory is not comprehensive for all levels of education; difficult to practice especially in the advanced level; some principles such as intelligence are difficult to understand and understanding is still incomplete. Balajar Theory Implications of Cognitive Psychology in Learning. In the development there are at least three learning theories which are based on this cognitivism theory, namely: Piaget development theory, Brunner cognitive theory and Ausubel meaningful theory. The three figures of this important theory can develop cognitive learning theories. Of the three types of theory above, it is clear that each has different implications, but in general the theory of cognitivism is more directed at how to understand the cognitive structure of students, and this is not easy. By understanding the cognitive structure of students, language lessons are adjusted according to the ability of students.

Keywords: Transformation, Theory, Learning, Cognitivism
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