Pembelajaran Kontekstual IPA melalui Outdoor Learning di SDN 1 Keruak Lombok Timur

  • Caya Khaerani STIT Palapa Nusantara Lombok NTB


This study aims to describe and analyze contextual science learning at SDN 1 Keruak, describe and analyze outdoor learning at SDN 1 Keruak, and describe and analyze contextual science learning through outdoor learning at SDN 1 Keruak. This study used a qualitative approach with case study design. The data was collected by means of interview, observation, and documentation techniques. Data analysis techniques include data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions, checking the validity of the findings by extending the participation of researchers and triangulation. Research informants were the principal, educators and students. The results showed that: (1) science learning using contextual learning models could improve students' understanding of concepts. Because in the application of the contextual learning model, the teacher connects the knowledge obtained by students with the knowledge that students have previously had and the teacher also connects the material with the real world of students, namely by bringing objects that they often encounter to be used as learning media so that it can help facilitate students in conceptualizing science material; (2) the outdoor learning approach is an alternative science learning that is in accordance with the spirit of learning science, namely how to find out and develop students' scientific skills. In addition, through the outdoor learning approach, various potential students have the opportunity to develop more optimally because there is real interaction between students and the real world; and (3) contextual learning in science learning is not only carried out in the classroom (Indoor), but mostly done outside the classroom (Outdoor). So that students more easily understand the material that has been delivered by the teacher, students can more quickly grasp the meaning of science learning, students do meaningful work, students are able to work together in groups, and students are more critical and creative in reporting in science learning.

Keywords: Contextual Learning Model, Science, Outdoor Learning
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